Sewer Information

Public sewage system development flow chart: Completed
  • Evaluate the need and develop conceptual planning with an Act 537 Plan
  • DEP approval of Act537 Plan
  • Aerial Mapping Survey of service area
  • Preliminary sewer alignment from Aerial mapping
  • Walk the sewer alignment in the service area to identify structures, trees and obstructions that may not have shown up on the aerial
  • Preliminary project design showing pipe routes, pipe profiles, pump stations and waste water treatment plants.
  • Easements are sent out to property owners
  • Hold public meeting for property owners to sign easement or request possible changes
  • Engineer reviews requested changes
Public sewage system development flow chart: In Progress
  • Engineer presents requested changes to Municipal Authority Board with recommendations
  • Municipal Authority Board approves or rejects requested changes
  • New easements are sent out to property owners where design changes were approved
  • Municipal Authority will make one last attempt to secure a signed easement from unsigned property owners
  • Municipal Authority will vote to move forward to use eminent domain to secure an easement
  • Once all easements are secured the engineered project design will be submitted to DEP and other regulatory agencies       for approval and permit to construct
  • Municipal Authority will then secure financing for the project, probably Pennvest
  • Once financing is approved engineer will prepare bid packets
  • Advertise for construction bids
  • Award Construction bids
  • Commence with construction project (estimate 18-24 months of construction)
Area Wide Sanitary Sewer Project:
Westland-Hickory-Southview Sewer Project: