Township Ordinance

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The Mount Pleasant Zoning Officer is normally in the office Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00am – 4:00pm and available to answer any question concerning the Zoning Ordinance, Building/Zoning Permits, or any other township ordinance. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment.

Mt. Pleasant Township Zoning
Township Resolution
Animal Control

It is unlawful to allow an animal to run at large, attack other animals or people, create excessive noise, or trespass on private property. The animal’s owner must keep it under control at all times. No animal shall be allowed to run at large. The ordinance also covers cruelty to animals, confinement of dangerous animals, seizure and detention of animals at large, inoculation against rabies, and other important items. Exotic wildlife may be kept only with approval of the Mount Pleasant Township Zoning Hearing Board. Consult Chapter 52 – Animals.

Animal Control Officer is Kym Secreet, her telephone number is 724-503-4417.

Buildings, numbering of

All structures are assigned street numbers and the owner of the property is responsible for displaying the address numbers in an easily readable form. This is important to assist ambulance and police when responding to emergency situations. Please take the time to see that your house number is legibly displayed. See Chapter 65 – Buildings, numbering of.


Please note that it is illegal to burn anything other than tree limbs, branches, leaves, papers, and boxes. Burning may be conducted under safe conditions between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM, except Sundays and Legal Holidays. See Chapter 70 – Open Burning of the township ordinance.

Dangerous/Nuisance Structure

The Mount Pleasant Township has an ordinance allowing for the removal of dangerous/nuisance structures. When such a building or structure is reported to the Zoning Officer the owner of such structure is given the opportunity to either remove it or bring the building up to current construction code standards. Failing to do so may result in substantial fines. See Chapter 65 – Unsafe Buildings of the township ordinance.

Off-road Vehicle

Property owners must give written permission for the operation of off-road vehicles on their property. No vehicle shall emit loud noises or create unreasonable amounts of dust or dirt. No vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to endanger any person or property.

Subdivision and Land Development

General Code Chapter 178