Police Department

The basic obligations of the Mount Pleasant Township Police Department are to protect life and property and all rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, preventing abuse and injury wherever possible, to preserve the peace and maintain order, to control crime and apprehend offenders, and to enforce the law. Response to the specific needs of the Township holds the highest priority. The Mount Pleasant Township Police Department seeks to reduce crime and injury through preventative measures as well as immediate action in emergencies. It attempts to determine the community’s wants and directs its resources toward controlling those crimes that are considered most serious, frightening and economically damaging. It seeks to protect life and limb by restricting the use of force to situations of absolute necessity. It limits the exercise of authority to those functions prescribed by laws of the United States, the Commonwealth, and the Township making any violation a punishable offense.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.

If you need police assistance for an issue that is not an emergency, please contact the Mount Pleasant Township Police Office at (724) 356-7917.