3/26 Update 

Covid-19 – UPDATE: 4/18/2020

Due to the extraordinary conditions surrounding the COVID-19 virus during this National and Commonwealth States of Emergency, Mt. Pleasant Township will continue to take prudent and proactive steps to protect our Residents and our Employees, by:

  • Limiting physical access to the Municipal building;
  • Limiting access to or rescheduling public meetings/gathering as necessary;
  • Having our Manager and essential staff work remotely as much as possible;
  • Staggering work schedules and assignments where necessary;
  • exercising vigilant social distancing;
  • Using personal extreme hygiene and protective measures (personal masks);
  • Hiring a professional sanitization service to constantly sanitize throughout our buildings and DPW and Police vehicles; and
  • Providing our Police, DPW workers, and fire personnel with PPE’s and other protective gear available when necessary to perform their essential jobs. 

In addition, the following policies and practices shall be in effect until further notice, subject to change based on circumstances and further guidance received from the CDC, State and local public health agencies:

  • Public Access to Township Buildings Restricted:  The Township Office is CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS. We are always available to answer questions via phone (724-356-7974) or email.  See our Staff Email Directory at
  • Mail or Use Drop Box for Payments:  Residents are strongly encouraged to mail in checks for real estate taxes.  You may also drop your check through the silver slot next to the front door at the Township Office.  Please refer to our website for current information regarding any open tax office hours.
  • Zoning Applications & Permits:  Please contact the Township Zoning/Code Officer to arrange for submission of Zoning/Building Permit Applications via mail or drop box, for issuance of permits, or to discuss any other zoning, code, or permitting matters.
  • Access to Public Meetings Restricted: When public meetings are held, public access to the meeting room will continue to be closed to the public. Our public meetings shall be televised live on HTC TV, as usual. We will also post our meeting videos on our Webpage for Residents who live outside the HTC service area.  Our Agendas will also be posted on our Webpage, as usual, and Residents are encouraged to submit any questions or comments via email, by 10 a.m. on March 25th, to [email protected]  (If you believe that your ‘real-time participation in a meeting is necessary, please contact Township Manager, Darla Protch, to arrange for participation by telephone conference call or other ‘virtual’ means.)
  • Public Meetings to be Held only as necessary, and with Restricted Public Access:  So that we may continue carrying out the Township's business, while at the same time protecting the public health, safety, and welfare, the Board of Supervisors intends to hold its regularly scheduled public meetings only as necessary to take time-sensitive or other urgent action, and with restricted public access, until further notice.  For that reason, and there being no pressing matters requiring its immediate action. the regular monthly Board of Supervisors, scheduled for Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:00 p.m., has been cancelled and rescheduled for next month, May 27th.

Note:   In the event that any urgent matter should arise before the May 27th Meeting which would require immediate Board action at an Emergency or Special Public Meeting, a separate Notice will be posted on this webpage advising of the date and time of any such public meeting will be broadcast on HTC TV, as usual, and we will provide additional instruction regarding how our Residents may participate by phone or other means if social distancing protocols remain in place at that time.

Be assured that the Township continues to provide all services with little or no interruptions while at the same time striving to protect and support our dedicated Manager, Chief and his Officers, DPW Director and Workers, and other essential members of our dedicated Township Staff.

We are always available to answer questions via phone (724-356-7974), or Email our Manager, Darla Protch, at [email protected], or see our Staff Directory